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Duration : 35 Hrs
Course Fee : N/A (Check MFVE Course)
Difficulty : Intermediate


# Topics Discussed
1 Install and Configure Check Point GAiA OS R80.10
2 Run the First Time Wizard on GAiA OS R80.10
3 CheckPoint Standalone and Distributed Architecture
4 CheckPoint Security Gateway and Security Management Server
5 Configure Users and Roles. Start Working on CLI Clish and Expert Mode
6 Secure Internal Communication (SIC)
7 Objects, Security Zones and Anti-Spoofing.
8 Understand Rules and Configure a Typical Rule Base
9 Policy Types. Working with Policy Packages
10 Configure Management and Stealth Rules
11 Define General Traffic Rules - DNS, HTTP, DMZ
12 Define Cleanup Rule. Organize Rule Base with Sections
13 Understand Network Address Translation (NAT)
14 Configure Hide NAT
15 Configure Static NAT
16 Configure a Basic Access Control Policy
17 Implement HTTPS Inspection Policy
18 Configure Advanced Access Control Policies.
19 Inline Layers
20 Geo Based ACL and Time Based ACL
21 Application Control and URL Filtering. Content Awareness.
22 Speed Limiting and Bypass HTTPS
23 Introduction to Threat Prevention Policies
24 Configure Backup for Management and Security Gateways
25 Add Mulitple GW in CP SMS
26 Introduction to Check Point VPNs - Site-to-Site and Remote Access VPNs
27 Implement Site-to-Site VPN Between Two Sites
28 Understand and Configure Check Point Logging
29 User Management and Identity Awareness
30 Expand knowledge and learn about ClusterXL
31 Understand howto Licensing Check Point Solutions and Products