Batch : MON - FRI (7AM - 9AM)

Date Topic
23-Jan-2020  Oreintation & Cisco Certification
24-Jan-2020  Introduction to Networking - Demystifying OSI Model - Network Devices
27-Jan-2020  IP Address - Compare IP address; Intro to Cisco IOS.
  Working on Cisco Packet Tracer
28-Jan-2020  Basic Router Configuration with 3 interfaces.
  Understanding Network; Broadcast Address & Routing table
29-Jan-2020  Static Routing with 2 Routers
  Working with NG Labs and Virtualization
30-Jan-2020  Static Routing with 2 Routers in NG Labs
  Static Routing with 3 and 5 Routers.
31-Jan-2020  Introduction MAC - Address
  Understanding Wireshark Packet Capture and its advantages
03-Feb-2020  Understanding ARP
  Default Route and DNS
04-Feb-2020  Understanding and Configuring DHCP Server; DHCP Relay
  Setting up a Web Server; Understading Loopback IP and Hosts file
05-Feb-2020  Setting up a Windows File Share
  Understating FTP; Realworld use of FTP Server and Client
06-Feb-2020  Purpose of Subnetting; Binary to Decimal
  Subnetting Class C
07-Feb-2020  Subnetting Class B
  Subnetting Class A
10-Feb-2020  Router Security
  Console Connection
11-Feb-2020  Telnet & SSH
  Authentication; Authorization and Accounting
12-Feb-2020  Authentication on TACACS using ACS Server
  OSPF - Concepts
13-Feb-2020  OSPF - Configurations
  OSPF - Multiple Areas & Summarization
14-Feb-2020  OSPF - VLSM
  Bandwidth; Internet Backbone; Types of Fiber Cables
17-Feb-2020  OSPF - Best Path Calculation
  OSPF - Convergence
18-Feb-2020  Introduction to Switching & MAC table
  VLANs; Trunk; Intern VLAN Routing
19-Feb-2020  VLAN Tagging; Default VLAN and Native VLAN
  Router on a Stick
20-Feb-2020  L3 Switch
  Two Tier Architecture; Three Tier Architecture; Spine Leaf Architecture
21-Feb-2020  PVSTP - RSTP
  Portfast & BPDU guard
24-Feb-2020  Understanding ARP
  LACP L2 and L3
25-Feb-2020  Switchport Security
  ARP Cache Poisoning; MITM & Dynamic ARP Inspection
26-Feb-2020  DHCP Starvation; Rouge DHCP Server and DHCP Snopping
  ACL - Standard - Extended - Named
27-Feb-2020  NAT - Dynamic NAT - Static NAT - Port Forwarding
28-Feb-2020  IPV6 - IPV6 Static Routing
02-Mar-2020  VPN Technologies ( Site-2-Site and Remote Access)
  Cisco Discovery Protocol - CDP
03-Mar-2020  Monitoring - NTP; Syslog; SNMP
  Cyber Security Basics
04-Mar-2020  Wireless Basic Concepts - Non overlapping wifi channels; SSID; RF; Encryption; PoE
  Wireless Security Concepts - WPA; WPA2; WPA3
05-Mar-2020  Architecture of Cisco Wireless; AP Modes
  Physical Components of Wireless - AP;WLC; LAG
06-Mar-2020  WLAN using WPA2 PSK using the GUI
  WLAN creation; security settings; QoS profiles; and advanced WLAN settings
09-Mar-2020  Automation and Programmibility - Impact; Controller Based Architecture
  Cisco DNA Center
10-Mar-2020  REST Based API - CRUD; HTTP Verbs; Data Encoding (JSON)
  Configuration Management - Puppet; Chef; Ansible