We Believe that

Networking is not as hard as it seems to be. A lot of folks out there consider networking an outlander's theory. And many of us fail to relish the joy in getting the code right. It is so much fun to work with routers, cables and computers.

Our Mission

The truth is, not everyone around has a proper approach to education. We don't want to be that institute which does things for bucks or perks. Our passion is to endow quality education and the pride in doing is what drives us. Money isn't and shall never be the motive behind this cause.

Well, we are

Just one among the many passionate people who like to show how great, networking can happen to be - if approached the right way - a group of people united by a common goal to see networking in a different perspective. We talk, share, learn and hack - Exactly the reason we're called the Network Geeks.